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O le tagata lauiloa faavaomalo Irene Wan na sainia ma le manuia se konekarate ma le lauiloa penina i totonu o le atunuu "Integrity"

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On April 8, 2016, Integrity penina company, a well-known domestic pearl brand, officially signed an international superstar Irene Wan as its brand spokesperson. The signing ceremony was held at the Pullman Hotel Shanghai, which also received strong support from the local government.


As for Irene Wan as the spokesperson of pearl products, the spokesperson of Integrity pearl company said that Irene Wan's own "goddess" intellectual and elegant appearance and profound cultural heritage perfectly match the characteristics and connotation of Integrity pearl company pearl brand, which can well show the classicality, fashion and elegance of Integrity pearl company brand, and convey the beauty of penina i le tele o tagata.


At the same time, Irene Wan herself admitted that she was very fond of pearls and could show her dignified and elegant demeanor no matter what clothes she wore. The reason why she chose Shuinianhua was precisely moved by its focus.


As Irene Wan said, Zhuji Integrity pearl Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the crystallization of the pearl industry. After three generations of operation, we have now formed one of the few pearl enterprises in the entire industry chain that integrate breeding, processing, wholesale, and sales.


Integrity pearl company's sales network is spread all over the world, integrating a comprehensive marketing system including brand counter sales, OEM and OEM sales, online e-commerce sales, and TV shopping sales. It has been invited to become a member of the Global Pearl Industry Development Seminar Council multiple times, and has participated in co organizing Chinese pearl enterprise export seminars multiple times, enjoying a high reputation in the pearl industry at home and abroad.

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